Picture Gallery - Directory: pix/bikes/suzuki/rg

Picture Gallery - Directory: pix/bikes/suzuki/rg

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NWS_rg500.jpg (81699 bytes)
That's a photo provided by NWS (Newport Welding Services): 
          Unit 1
          Pages Old Mill
          Tamworth Road
          Hertford SG13 7DG
of their aluminium frame for the Gamma. 

RG250-87.gif (376887 bytes)
RG400.jpg (26861 bytes)
RG500_2.gif (98499 bytes)
Bob Truelson's <btruels@epdiv1.env.gov.bc.ca> RG 500 Gamma.

RG500_naked.jpg (55969 bytes)
Rob Koopman's <rkoopman@inter.nl.net> stock
RG 500 Gamma. The bike has since been modified.
Find out more on the 2-stroke mailing list
at 2strokes-request@microunity.com.

RGV250M.jpg (115207 bytes)
RGsq4.jpg (52092 bytes)
Another shot of Rob Koopman's <rkoopman@inter.nl.net>
stock RG 500 Gamma.

gamma.gif (116237 bytes)
GAMMA.GIF -- my RG250WD, of Westwood and "Canadian Biker" fame.  Slightly
modified rear-end after a little incident in 1985.  Ivan Reid.

lucky_strike_rgv250.jpg (200115 bytes)
rg1.jpg (138590 bytes)
rg2.jpg (97361 bytes)
rg3.jpg (61820 bytes)
rg4.jpg (40201 bytes)
rg5.jpg (156042 bytes)
Rg1.jpg - rg5.jpg show Stefan Loevstroem's Rg 500. 
It's a '85 with '91 RGV fairings and GSX R-wheels
(3,5" and 5,5"). It has some porting job and Jollymoto
RGB-chambers. It would give 110-115 HP (DIN) and
weighs 175 kg.

Photos and scans by Stefan Loevstroem <t94_lom@t.kth.se>.

rg500.gif (27637 bytes)
An Australian RG500 owned by a friend of Marc Alexander

rg500_cvrij.jpg (13954 bytes)
Corjan de Bruin's RG 500 Gamma. Corjan does
not have internet access, but you can forward mail
to him via Cees van Rij <cvrij@cs.vu.nl>.

rg500a.jpg (108731 bytes)
Bob Truelson's <btruels@epdiv1.env.gov.bc.ca> RG 500 Gamma.

rg500b.jpg (107401 bytes)
Bob Truelson's <btruels@epdiv1.env.gov.bc.ca> RG 500 Gamma.

rgv250.jpg (148626 bytes)