Doug Ruth's 1996/97 Packing List

Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 11:39:42 -0800
To: BMW -GS motorcycles mailing list 
Subject: Packing List for my South American Trip

A number of people have asked about a list of things I packed for this trip.
My packing list follows in excruciating detail.  I carry a hardcopy of it,
in both English and Spanish, with me on the bike.  Part of the reason for
going into such detail, is to overwhelm any border guard who may be thinking
of asking me to unpack my bike.  So far I haven't had to use it.

On Front Fender
  Cyco-Active Large Fender Bag
    Front Tube - Michelin Air-Stop
    Rear Tube  - Michelin Air Stop
    Spare Bulbs
      Turn Signal Bulbs (2)
      Tail Light Bulb   (1)
      Instrument Bulbs  (3)
    Spare Fuses
      7.5 watt (5)
      15. watt (5)
Inside Headlight Shell
  Spare Bulbs
      Headlight Bulb
      Turn Signal Bulbs (?)
      Tail Light Bulbs  (?)
      Instrument Bulbs  (?)
  Spare Set of Keys
Tankbag (R11GS Multivario Bag modified to mount to a R100GSPD
     Multivario Base, which was modified to mount to the
     Acerbis 11.8 gallon tank)
  Main Compartment
    Gore-Tex RainSuit in Orange Stuff Sack
    Vent-Tech Penquin Winter Gloves
    Shit-Kit (purple Stuff Sack)
      Toilet Paper
      Cigarette Lighter
      Folding Stainless Steel Trowell
    Spare Batteries
      3volt Lithium
    Rain Mittins
    Spare Cotton Around-Neck Document Bag
    Medicine Bag (black OR bag)
      Main Compartment
        Oral Rehydration Salts (4 packets)
        Malaria Medicine (Mefloquine)
      Front Compartment
        Excedrin (50 tablets)
        Pepto Bismal Tablets (18)
        Immodium Tablets (24)
        Phillips Magnesia Tablets (30)
        Small Flashlight
    Tankbag Rain Cover
    8x25 Waterproof Binoculars
    Silva Compass and Sewing Kit
    Travel Pack of Wet Ones
    GPS Case
    Beret Hat
  Front Compartment
    Small Red Fleece Bag
      Dial Tire Guage
      Mini Multi-Meter
    Ear-Plugs (10 pair)
    Small Blue-Green OR Bag
      Cutter Liquid Insect Repellent
      Cutter Insect Repellent Stick
      Smith No-Fog Cloth
      Mini-Cigarette Lighter
      Right-Angle Valve Stem Adaptor
    Pelican Head-Lamp (uses 2 AAs)
    Mini REI Thermometer (on zipper pull)
  Cyco-Active Bar Pack Map Case (modified to mount to top
                   of tankbag)
    Top Window - current small scale map
    Inside Large Windoe - current large scale map
    Inside Pockets
      Pens (2)
      Map Measurer
      Small 3"x4.5" Notebook
      Quick Road Sign Spanish-English Translator
      Clear Plastic Case
        Assorted Stickers and Patches (to give away)
        Spanish-Portuguese-English phrase booklet
          (from The Endless Ride)
      Clear Plastic Case
        Photos of Noemi, myself, and my family
  Black Ditty Bag ATached to Right-Side of Tankbag
    Transmission Oil (16oz)
    Air Filter Oil (16oz)
    Spare Nylon Webbing Strap
Inside Frame Backbone
  Plastic Container with some cash
  Clutch Centering Tool
  Tire Pump
Along Frame Backbone
  Front Wheel Spokes (2)
  Rear Wheel Spokes (2)
  Spare Relay
Under Starter Moter Cover
  Brake Pads - Harrison Caliper
  Spare Jesse Pannier Pivot Pins (2)
  Spare Steel Fork Spacers (2)
  Spare Fork Seals (2)
  Emergency Cash
Under Seat
  Tool Roll
    Front Row, Left to Right
      Pocket 1
        5" Visegrip
        7" Visegrip
      Pocket 2
        BMW 7 & 8mm Open End Wrench
        BMW 10 & 11mm Open End Wrench
        BMW 13 & 17mm Open End Wrench
        BMW 10 & 12mm Closed End Wrench
        10mm, 3/8"drive Torque Adaptor
      Pocket 3
        Ball-driver Allen Wrenches
          1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm
        Short 3mm Allen Wrench
        Short 6mm Allen Wrench
        1/8" Allen Wrench
        3/16" Allen Wrench
        Steering Bearing Spanner Wrench
        Oil Filter Cover Wrench Handle
      Pocket 4 (sockets)
        Stack 1 (attached end-to-end)
          Universal Joint, 3/8" Drive
          6mm Allen Socket, 3/8" Drive
        Stack 2 (attached end-to-end)
          3" Extension, 3/8" Drive
          8mm Allen Socket, 3/8" Drive
        Stack 3 (on 3" Extension, 1/4" Drive)
          3/8" to 1/4" Adaptor
          12mm Socket, 3/8" Drive
          11mm Socket, 3/8" Drive
          13mm Socket, 1/4" Drive
        Stack 4 (on Oil Filter Cover Allen Wrench)
          12mm Socket, 1/4" Drive
          8mm Socket, 1/4" Drive
          5mm Socket, 1/4" Drive
        Stack 5 (on 6" Extension, 1/4" Drive)
          19mm Socket, 3/8" Drive
          9mm Socket, 3/8" Drive
          15mm Socket, 3/8" Drive
          17mm Socket, 3/8" Drive
          10mm Socket, 3/8" Drive
          14mm Socket, 3/8" Drive
          13mm Socket, 3/8" Drive
          10mm Socket, 1/4" Drive
    Back Row, Left to Right
      Pocket 1
        6" Adjustable Wrench
        BMW Pliers and Wire Cutters
        Fox Shock Spanner Wrench
        BMW 12 & 14mm Open End Wrench
      Pocket 2
        Needle-nose Pliers
        Small #0 Phillips Screwdriver
        BMW 36mm Closed-End Wrench
      Pocket 3
        BMW 16 & 18mm Open-End Wrench
        BMW 19 & 22mm Open-End Wrench
      Pocket 4
        BMW Spark Plug Socket (21 & 22mm)
        Pushrod Seal Seating Tool
        BMW Spark Plug Socket Breaker Bar
        Clutch Adjustment Wire
        Telescoping Magnet
      Pocket 5
        BMW Wheel Lug Wrench
        BMW Lug Wrench Extender Handle
      Pocket 6
        BMW 13 & 19mm Socket
        BMW Standard & Phillips Reversable Screwdriver
      Pocket 7
        4 in 1 Reversable Screwdriver
      Pocket 8
        3/8" Drive Ratchet
        1/4" Drive Ratchet
    Rear Pocket
      Shop Rags (2)
      Go-Jo Fast-Wipes
  Duct Tape
  Spare Alternator Rotor
  Black Neoprene Glasses Case - Misc. Fasteners & Repair
    Hose Clamps
    Stainless Steel Safety Wire
    Electrical Hookup Wire
    6mm Allen bolts & nuts
    Steel Epoxy Putty
  Black Neoprene Glasses Case
    36mm, 1/2" drive socket
    27mm, 1/2" drive socket
    3/8" to 1/2" adaptor
Top of Givi Top Case
  Cargo Net Attached to 8 Bungee Buddies
  MSR 6 Litre Dromedary Bag w/ Shower Attachment
  Assorted Nylon Webbing Straps (8)
Givi Top Case
  DC-DC Power Transformer (wired to bike's Battery)
  GPS Data Cable (wired to handlebar-mounted GPS)
  Nike Lite-Weight Hiking Boots
  Film (18 rolls stuffed into boots)
  Small Black Case with Phone/AC Adaptors/Cords
    AC Adaptor for Palmtop (12V,.75A)
    AC Adaptor for Tape Player & Shortwave Radio (3V,.5A)
    Modem-to-RJ11 cord
    8' RJ11 cord on TeleSpool
    Mini-Phone Dialer
    Garmin GPS Power/Data Adaptor Cord
    8' Palmtop/GPS Power/Data Extension Cord
    Spare Nicads, 850mAh (4)
    Small booklet of dialing/connection hints
    DC-DC Power Transformer Power Plug Adaptors
    IBM Modem-Saver
    RJ11 Couplers (2)
    RJ11 Doubler
    RJ11 - Alligator Clip Leads - Cord
    RJ11 - Spade Lugs - Cord
    Micro-Test Clips (2)
    Small (2") Retractible Knife
    Small Combination Phillips/Standard Screwdriver
    Spare Palmtop and GPS Power Fuses (21)
    Spare (Connector Pins)
    DB-9 pin Null Modem Connector
    DB-9 Male-Male Gender Changer
    DB-9 - DB-25 Adaptors (2)
  Mountainsmith Shoulder Bag / Fanny Pack
    Front Compartment
      Skin Stuff (small blue-green OR bag)
        REI Jungle Juice (insect Repellent)
        Dermatone 33 SPF Sunblock/Moisturizing Creme
        Zinc-Oxide Sunblock Creme
      Spare Film Rolls (2)
      Original Document Pouch
        Yellow Card (Vaccination Information)
        US Customs Certificate of Registration for
           Personal Effects Taken Abroad
        Inter-American International Drivers License
        Vehicle Title
        Insurance Binder
        Vehicle Permit for Venezuela
        Letter from my Employer
        Letter from my Bank
        Medical Insurance Policy
        Travelers Checks (US$ 600)
        Spare Passport Photos (12)
    Main Compartment
      Palmtop Computer in Case w/ PCMCIA Fax/Modem Card
        Spare Nicads (2)
        Floppy Disk
      Olympus IS-3 Zoom-Reflex Camera
    Inner Compartment
      Reading Glasses & Case
      Lens Cleaning Tissue
    Outside Mesh Compartment
      Lens Cleaner Fluid
  Grundig Shortwave Radio
  Small Cassette Tape Player
  Spanish Textbook, Workbook, and 14 Tapes
  Plastic Map Case - US Maps
  Plastic Map Case - Mexican Maps
  Plastic Map Case - Central American Maps
  Plastic Map Case - South American Maps
  AAA Mexico Travel Guide Book
  Book: Driving Through Central and South America,
  Palmtop And GPS Manuals in Book Cover
  IAMAT information pamphlets
  Reading Books in bookcover
    Riding the Edge
    In Patagonia
  Givi Document Holder
    Laminated Copy of License Plate
    BMW MOA Anonymous Book
    IAMAT List of Physicians
    List of US Embassies and Consulates Abrd
    List of International Youth Hostels
    List of International VISA ATM Locations
    List of International BMW Dealers
Atached to Givi Top Case Handle
  First-Aid Bag (Black Chase Harper Bag)
    Red First-Aid Kit
      Back Cover
        Waterproof Adhesive Tape
        Triangle Bandage w/ Safety Pins
        Tylenol 650mg Tablets
        Ciprofloxacin Antibiotic Tablets (10)
        Tinture of Iodine
        Snake Bite Kit
        Antiseptic Towlettes (6)
        Safety Pins (6)

        Razor Blades (2)
        2" Elastic Bandage
        Tick Tweezers
        Book:Your Ticket to Good, Health While Travelling
      Front Cover
        2nd Skin Moist Pads (4)
        Mycitracin Ointment
        Small Scissors
      Flap 1
        Assorted Bandaids
        Small Sterile Pads
        Book:Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel
        MityLite Flashlight (2 AA Cells)
      Flap 2
        Large Sterile Pads (5)
    Power Bars (5)
  Kryptonite Cable Lock
Fastened to Left Side of Givi Sub-Rack
  Black Chem (Bike) Bag
    Tube of BMW #10 Grease
    Tube od Dirko Sealing Compound
Fastened to Right Side of Givi Sub-Rack
  Purple Chem (Bike) Bag
    Tube of Clear Silicone RTV
    Tube of Loctitr 819 Hylomar Gasket Dressing Sealant
    Tube of Optimoly Anti-Sieze Paste
    Tube of Die-electric Grease
    Loctite 242 Threadlock
    Loctite 271 Threadlock
    Silicone Lubricant
    Set of .5", .75", & 1." Fork Spacers
    Fork Spacer Washers
Rear Rack, Under Givi Sub-Rack
  Mosquito Head Net (in small Blue OR Bag; behind seat)
  BMW Mini-Battery Charger (in red neoprene glasses case)
  Diode Board (in Red Neoprene Glasses Case)
  Spare Lever Bag (Red Neoprene Glasses Case)
    Brake Lever
    Clutch Lever
  Hammock (in Green OR Ditty Bag)
  4-1/2' Fuel Line
  Clutch Cable
Rear Rack, Behind Givi Bag
  Oil Filter Bag (Yellow Dry Bag)
    BMW Oil Filter Kits (3)
Left-Side Rear Fender, Between Fender And Saddlebag
  Jumper Cables
  Tire Repair Bag
    Tire Irons  (3)
    Tube Patches
      Small (3)
      Large (4)
    Patch Cement  (2 tubes)
    Tube Rougher
    Valve Core Remover
    Hole Reamer
    Spark-Plug Air Pump
    Package of Go-Jo Fast-Wipes
  Electrical Bag
    Spark Plugs (4)
    Spare Bulbs
      Tail Light  (2)
      Turn Signal (1)
    Spare Fuses
      10. watt  (4)
      15. watt  (2)
      20. watt  (4)
    Portable Butane Soldering Iron/Torch
      Assorted Tips (3)
    Spare BMW Connector Pins - Male (2)
    Spare BMW Connector Pins - Female (2)
    Connector Pin Removal/Insertion Tool
    Spare Flashlight Bulbs (2)
    Tie Wraps, Small, Medium, Large (30)
Under Rear Rack, On Top of Rear Fender
  Misc. GS Parts (Black Neoprene Glasses Case)
    Bash Plate Grommets (4)
    Driveshaft/Output Flange Bolts (8)
    Tranny, Swingarm, and Final Drive Crush Washers
    Fork Crush Washers
    Fork O-Rings
    Cylinder Base Small O-Rings (4)
    Carb Main Jets
      150   (2)
      145   (2)
      140   (2)
    Clutch Cable Felt
    Tie Wraps
Right-Side Rear Fender, Between Fender and Saddlebag
  Emergency Bag (Blue and Black Moose Bag)
    Emergency Blanket
    Power Bars (2)
    Polar Pure Saturated Iodine Solution
    Cigarette Lighter
    Wire Chain Saw
  Tie-Down/Tow-Strap Bag
    Cyco-Active Tow-Downs (2)
    Tow Strap
    Mini Ancra Straps (2)
Top of Left Jesse Bag
  5 Bungee Buddies
  MSR 4 Litre Drommedary Bag (2)
Fastened to Outside of Inner Side of Left Jesse Bag
  Exhaust Nut Wrench
  2 Foot PVC Tube
    Snap-On 5-75 ft-lb Torque Wrench
    Pushrod Seals (4)
Left Jesse Saddlebag
  Haynes BMW Service Manual
  Spare Base and Valve Cover Gaskets
  Moss Tent
  Pur Explorer Water Filter
  Plastic Ziploc Bag
    Assorted Sauce Mixes
  Mess Kit (in blue bag)
    Heat Diffuser
    Small Chammmis Cloth
    Medium Sauce Pan & Lid
    Small Sauce Pan & Lid
    Plastic Measuring Cup
  Stove Bag (Blue Dry Bag)
    MSR Whisperlight International Stove
    MSR Fuel Bottle
    MSR Repair Kit
    Cigarette Lighter
  Utensil Kit (Black Triangular Tool Bag)
    Plastic Knife, Fork, And Spoon
    Bamboo Spatula
    Plastic Cooking Spoon
    Tin Foil
    Washing Kit (in yellow bag)
      Dish Soap
      Teflon Scrapers
      Scouring Pad
      Rubber Gloves
  16oz Container Tang
  8oz Container Powdered Milk
  Stainless-Steel Mug
  4oz Container Instant Coffee
  16oz Bottle (for Mixing)
  8oz Squeeze Bottle of Olive Oil
  Ziploc Bag with Assorted Miso Soup Mixes
  Ziploc Bag with Tea Bags
  Ziploc Bag with Spagetti
  Northface Blue Kazoo Sleeping Bag in Purple Stuff Sack
  Spare Shop Rag
Top of Right Jesse Bag
  5 Bungee Buddies
  Collapsable Tripod Camp Chair
Fastened to Outside of Rear Side of Right Jesse Bag
  Kryptonite U-Lock
Right Jesse Saddlebag
  Guide Books (7)
  Camera Manuals
  Copies of Documents and Cash Stash in Waterproof Holder
  Cold Weather Gear (Red Stuff Sack)
    Aerostich Fleece Jacket
    Fleece Pants
    Medium-Weight Capilene LongJohns
    Wool Gloves
  Mosquito Net (in Maroon Stuff Sack)
  Pants (Blue Stuff Sack)
    REI Gray Cotton Explorer Pants
      (convertable to shorts)
    Khaki Explorer Pants
      (convertable to shorts)
  1st-Layer Clothes (Green Stuff Sack)
    Change #1
      Nylon shorts
      Capilene T-shirt
      Medium-Weight Capilene Socks
      Light-Weight Capilene Socks
      Large Handkerchief
    Change #2
      Nylon shorts
      Capilene T-shirt
      Medium-Weight Capilene Socks
      Light-Weight Capilene Socks
      Large Handkerchief
  Long-Sleeve Shirts (Purple Stuff Sack)
    ExOfficio Baja Plus Long Sleeve Shirt
    Med-Weight Capilene LongSleeve Zip-Up Turtle Neck Shirt
  Youth Hostel Sleep Sack (in pink Stuff Sack)
  Thermarest Ultralite Long
  Bath Kit (green Jansport Bag)
    Main Pocket
      Lubriderm Lotion (1 fl.oz.)
      Nail Clippers
      Collapsible Hair Brush
      Ziploc Bag of Q-Tips
      Small Flashlight
      Wet-Ones Travel Pack
      Panasonic Battery-Powered Beard Trimmer
      Small Beard/Moustache Comb
    Front Pocket
      Soap Box
      Hair/Scalp Scrubber
  Dental Kit (Blue OR Bag)
    Dental Floss
    Mini Proxy Brushes and Refills
    Dental Pick
  Inflatable Pillow
  Teva Sandalls
  Spare Shop Rag
    Right Breast Pocket
      Yashica T4 Super D Camera
    Left Breast Pocket
      Sunglasses Case and 2 Spae Lenses
      Spanish-English Dictionary (in Ziploc Bag)
      Extra Pair of Ear Plugs
    Right Lower Pocket
      Red Bandanna
      Blistex Lip Balm
    Left Lower Pocket
      Copies od Documents in Waterproof Pouch)
    Back Pocket
      Aerostich Wind Triangle
      Polypropilene Glove Liners
    Inside Breast Pocket
      Dummy Wallet
        Expired Credit Cards
        Expired CA Drivers License
        One Day's Cash
    Right Sleeve Pocket
      Pair of Ear Plugs
    Right Leg Pocket
      Real Wallet
Clothing I Wear
  Light-Weight Capilene Socks
  Mid-Weight Capilene Socks
  Nylon Shorts
  Leather Money Belt
  Leatherman Tool
  Short-Sleeve Capilene T-Shirt
Riding Gear
  Daytona Dual-Sport Boots
  Aerostich 2-piece Roadcrafter
  BMW Summer Waterproof Gloves
  Shoei X-8 Air
  Gargoyles Sunglasses