Doug gets robbed...

Date: 06 Dec 1996 
From: (Paul Thompson)
To: BMW -GS motorcycles mailing list 
Subject: Doug Ruth update 12/6/96

Well, Doug is underway again, after getting a new passport to replace
the stolen one.  He is headed for Panama, where he will then tackle 
arranging transportation for his bike since the ferry around the 
Darian gap is out of business.

Doug is still off line until he gets a new interface cable for his
palmtop computer, which I have on order.  Hopefully he'll be back in
business in a few weeks.

He gave me an update on the theft: it occurred while he was in a
restaurant, reading email on his palmtop(!)  One man approached him,
distracting him by telling him he had dropped some money while the 
other deftly took his fanny pack from the tabletop.  Doug didn't 
notice until they were long gone.  Doug later recovered some of the
documents, which had been discovered in a gutter and turned in to the
embassy.  Doug cancelled his credit cards, and found out that 
thousands of dollars had already been charged on them.

Join me in wishing Doug well,

Paul Thompson                              
System Integrator, Macintosh Desktop Systems         Apple Computer