Colani 70's dream

This page is dedicated to a fantastic bike family:


A 1970's dream by Colani for a
"future" BMW enduro bike

US/Canadian Shops that work on Airheads   [html]
US/Canadian Shops that work on Airheads   [pdf]
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The Monolever generation


The 1980-1986 R80G/S

R80ST The 1982-1985 R80ST
R80G_SPD The 1984-1987 R80G/S-PD
R65GS The 1987-1990 R65GS

The Paralever generation


The 1987-1990 R80GS and R100GS

R100PD The 1988-1995 R100GS-PD
R100GS The 1990-1994 R80GS and R100GS
Basic The 1996-1997 R80GS Basic
Kalahari The 1996-1997 R80GS Kalahari

The Telelever generation

R1100GS The 1994-1999 R1100GS
The 1998-2000 R850GS
R1150GS The 1999-2003 R1150GS
R1150GS Adv The 2001-? R1150GS Adventure
R1200GS The 2004-? R1200GS

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Special versions Take a look at:

The Mono-cylinder

F650GS The 1993-2000
F650 andF650ST
F650 (Chain Gang website)
The 2000-2007
F650GS and Dakar
F650GS and F650GS Rally
(David H. Park's pages)
The 2009 F650 twin

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