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I don't always like rules, and I probably like even less having to come up with rules. Like my good friend Carl, I believe that most things in life work better with more flexibility and fewer rules. And I prefer to rely on a few guiding principles and the fundamental good nature and judgement of people.

Although I do not personally believe in censorship, the US Government and various powerful groups in the USA seem to, and as a result I need to be careful. Pragmatically, I don't (nor do my friends want) to go to jail because of anything someone could find here at this Internet node. I don't mind it much if some people don't like or care about what's available here, that's going to happen anywhere that people are allowed to express their opinions freely.

So here are the 'guiding principles' of

General Disclaimer.

This site is operated for fun and as a public service. But it is a private organization which does not charge fees and does not assume any obligation to continue providing service in general or to any particular individual or organization. I make no guarantee of uninterrupted service. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. I reserve the right to terminate service, in general or to any specific user(s) at any time for any reason or no reason at all. Users have no recourse against By continuing to use this service, you agree to the rules above and specifically that is not obligated to you in any way whatsoever.

No pornography.

There's not a firm legal definition of pornography, but various laws strive to forbid it anyway. My primary focus here at is motorcycles. While I don't mind a bit of sexual inuendo and I don't censor language, isn't interested in becoming a sexually-oriented site; there are plenty of those available around the net. I certainly want to forbid child-porn and anything "harder" than you'd find in Playboy or Penthouse."


No copyright violations.

I believe in respect for intellectual property. Except for brief quotations and excerpts allowed under the "fair use" doctrine, no postings or uploads of copyrighted material are allowed.

The authors of email messages are responsible for the content of their postings.

As a general rule, does not censor or audit email. When you send email to or through, you accept full and sole responsibility for all the consequences of that email. You agree to hold harmless against any legal action which might arise from your email or from the use of your email by others, whether they were intended recipients or not. You are expected to understand what the consequences can be, including but not limited to liability for slander/libel, copyright violation, "decency" violations, etc. When you receive email from or through, you agree to treat it responsibly and to hold harmless against any legal action which may arise from that email."

Nothing gets turned into a Web page here without my prior review and okay.

Should be clear enough, eh? My email address is marcl.

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