Trip Reports and Motorcycle Adventures

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1970's: A collection of stories posted by Tom Johnson to the WetLeather Mailing List about his extended motorcycling trip through Europe with his friend Dean and assorted companions.


1992: A trip report by Noemi Berry of her first motorcycle tour of Europe on a Honda FT500.


1993: Some comments and recollections about motorcycles and motorcycling from the time I (Marc Lewis) lived in northern Italy while working for Olivetti.


1993: Marc Lewis shipped his Yamaha GTS1000A from Vancouver, BC, Canada to Frankfurt, Germany via Lufthansa Airlines. Here's how he did it. (with recently updated info )


1994: Another trip report by Noemi Berry, this one of at trip she and Doug Ruth took to Baja California, Mexico.

Costa Rica

1995: Bruce Clark's journal kept while motorcycle touring (on a BMW F-650) the Central American country of Costa Rica.

Washington State

1996: Ed Guzman's trip report of riding his Ducati 900SS from Colorado to Washington for the 1995 Great Pacific Northwest Dryside Gather.


1996: In May Niclas Cederlund and Jenny Hindrup rode La Snella (Niclas' slightly loud Ducati F1) from Sweden to the Nuerburgring in Germany for a bit of track time. They had a few problems...


1996: In August Doug Ruth started riding his BMW R100GS to South America. Here are his trip reports thus far...


2002: Ron Sanders rode his Aprilia Futura to the Yukon and Skagway, Alaska during July of 2002. Here's his story...

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